Safe & Secure Bookkeeping


We have all read the stories in the paper about the bookkeepers, who steal money from their clients.

One bookkeeper stole $450,000 from a plumbing company in Marblehead and the list goes on. This does not even address bookkeepers using client’s passwords and credit cards to make their personal purchases.

Notyouraveragebookkeeper is extremely aware of these dangers

These are the reasons all NOTYAB team members have had a background check done on them.

Furthermore, all members of our team are tested to NOTYAB’s tough standards to stop mistakes that will affect you.


Other security steps that NOTYAB takes in protecting their client’s personal info:

  • Our office is protected by ADT Security
  • All doors are locked any time we close the office
  • All clients’ accounts are password protected
  • All of our computers have updated anti-virus and anti spyware software on them
  • If we take your bank or credit card statements, they are transported in the team member’s truck, not on display in the back seat of their vehicle.
  • If, we use a flash dive to move your files, they are but on a notyouraverage secure flash drive.
  • A Raid 4 server that automatically backs up your data to three addition drives.

  • Plus many other steps to make sure your data is secure


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