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Cost of Disorganization Calculator

How does a session with NOTYAB work?
The real work begins as we decide which possessions to display, store or discard. Cary has the fine-tuned ability to gently guide the process forward. The final outcome is a reduction of visible clutter and tailored organizational solutions designed for long-term success.

What are the benefits of working while organized?
You will gain a powerful sense of reclaimed time and energy as we make space for a new future! Other benefits of working with a professional organizer include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased productivity  
  • Enhanced sense of pride in your environment
  • Revalued importance of your loved possessions


Different from you the owner
The team of NOTYAB's strength is having the detachment to spot obstacles. Bottom line is; profits create a healthier environment and happier employees.

"Cary, you are the most productive and efficient person I have ever met!"
Susan - Marblehead

"I've wanted to organize my office for 10 years. I finally hired Cary and what he accomplished was incredible. He convinced me to put up shelving, "vertical storage" as he puts it, is the way to go. With his precise inventory system I can actually find what I need immediately!"
Marilyn - Lynn

"With Caryís recommendations, my productivity and income shot up by over 40%. He is the hardest worker at complete customer satisfaction Iíve ever met."
Joe - Danvers

"Exactly what I needed, your organization is great!"

"It is really, really easy to do what you suggested. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Is it worth it?
Wondering if making the investment to organize your office is worth the time and resources it will take? It's plain and simple: consider for a nano-second what your disorganization is costing you.

Action plan to organize your office.
Plan of Action in which we co-create, outlining your goals and the projects necessary to begin accomplishing the goals we discussed.

What are your specific needs,
and when can we call you?


Structured Collection of Records
Using our strong business skills and extensive accounting skills combined with database expertise allows you to understand exactly what is going on and to order up changes that will lead to higher profitability.

An organized office

We will make that next project all the easier for all. From proper filing cabinets tabs to making sure that coffee cups do not litter the desk tops, it is
the details that count. Our organizational skills, easy to find filing system, allow you to spend your creative time and energy more productively.

Working together
NOTYAB will size up the situation and help take all the necessary measures, and then you can make clear-headed decisions and achieve maximum results.

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