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QuickBooks 2011 has an greatly improved ability that can help you called snapshot to help you see the big picture of your business.

You can easily customize your Company Snapshot to show you the content you want to see by adding, moving, and removing content. If needed, you can restore the page to its original default settings.
When you customize this page, only you will see your changes. No one else can view your personalized snapshot.
Printing is a feature that has been requested often – now you can print the entire page or an individual “widget” or graph.

In addition to selecting the “widgets” that are included, you can rearrange them on the page by simply dragging and dropping.
Unfortunately, they have included a Recommended For You widget that you cannot remove – we’ll have to see how many advertisements they throw at us this way.

Another good feature is that the widgets are tied into the user permissions that you have, so you cannot see a graph or chart on information that you don’t have permission to view.


Now you can choose from a list of 12 widgets that can be shown:

The options are:
• Account Balances
• Previous Year Income Comparison
• Income Breakdown
• Previous Year Expense Comparison
• Best Selling Items
• Top Customers by Sales
• Income and Expense Trend
• Expense Breakdown
• Customers Who Owe Money
• Top Vendors by Expense
• Vendors to Pay
• Reminders

The bottom line is this version of QuickBooks 2011is worth the investment and we at notyouraveragebookkeeper can help you.


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