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As the marketplace of QuickBooks add-ons continues to grow, the quantity and quality of independent developers is blossoming. Not only do we see new products coming to market each month, but several products are now in their third, fourth or even fifth version.

The success of the QuickBooks “ecosystem” is benefiting everyone from small business owners, to accountants and consultants, to software companies, and Intuit. Each of these stakeholders is benefiting by the increased breadth and depth of the solutions, and by the fact that both risks and profits are shared by millions of companies who participate in the ecosystem. The future looks bright for continued growth even as we see huge technology changes on the horizon. With the explosive growth of the online world, and with the Windows Vista conversion, software companies are racing to both “webify” their applications and upgrade them for Vista compatibility.

In order to qualify for our list, the product and/or service must be developed and sold by a company with a reputation for outstanding customer support, and the product must have the following attributes:

  • Show superior design, implementation and features.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks using best practices of the QuickBooks SDK programming guidelines;
  • Use appropriate transaction types and field population for recording data into QuickBooks so as to preserve and/or enhance the standard reporting features in QuickBooks; and
  • Conform to good accounting principles and operating standards.
At NYAB, we continually study the marketplace of add-on solutions. And for several years now, we’ve spotlighted those best-of-breed products that we refer to as “incredible add-ons.” Before awarding the “incredible” label, we deep into each product to ask all the hard questions we think consultants and business owners will eventually ask.

The list of “Incredible QuickBooks Add-ons” for 2010.
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