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Personal Finance

Home Budget Analyzer   
One of the most important aspects of controlling your budget is to determine where your money is going. This interactive problem solver helps you do just that.

Life Insurance Need Estimator   
How much life insurance do you need? Enter your current assets, expenses, income and let us help you determine how much life insurance you need.

Checkbook Balancer   
Let us help you balance your checkbook.

Self Employment Tax Calculator   
Use this calculator to estimate your self employment taxes.

Personal Finance

Credit Card Pay Off   
Find the best repayment options to pay off your credit card balance.

Debt Consolidation Financial Calculator   
Should you consolidate your debt? This calculator is designed to help determine if debt consolidation is right for you.

Savings After Inflation And Taxes?   
Use this interactive problem solver to determine how much your savings will be worth with these two important variables in mind.

Savings Calculator   
What will it take to reach your savings goal? Enter in your savings plan and view graphically your financial results.

All Loans

Loan Amortization Calculator   
Enter your desired payment - and let us calculate your loan amount. Or, enter in the loan amount and we will calculate your monthly payment. You can then examine your principal balances by payment, total of all payments made, and total interest paid. Press the report button to see a monthly payment schedule.

Buying A Car

Auto Loan Analyzer   
Determine how much car you can afford to buy based on your desired monthly payment.

Auto Loan Vs. Home Equity Loan   
Home equity loans often have lower interest rates than auto loans and the interest may be tax deductible. Find out how much you can save.

Auto Lease Vs. Buy Analyzer    
Should you lease or buy your car? Use this interactive problem solver to find out!

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