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Dreams of the "Paperless Office
Exaggerated dreams of the “paperless office” have been around for so many years that they’ve even spawned their own jokes (”The paperless office will become a reality about the same time as the paperless toilet”). But according to a recent article in the New York Times, we may finally be reaching the point where the paperless office is a reality for some cutting-edge people

Business First?
You’re in business to sell a product or provide a service, not to chase paper around your office. Anytime you can leverage technology to automate and streamline routine processes it gives you the opportunity to spend more time focusing on what really makes your business successful.

Is it worth it?
RISI analyst John Maine estimates that companies will spend about $8 billion this year on paper alone; that doesn't include costs for ink, toner, or running copiers, printers, and fax machines. In the typical office, for every dollar spent on printing documents, companies incur another six dollars in handling and distribution, according to Xerox.

Reduce paper waste/Save Trees
Last year, U.S. companies printed 1.5 trillion pages, according to research firm IDC. That's a 95,000-mile-high stack of paper, or the equivalent of 15 million to 20 million trees.

SourceLink with QuickBooks

This is a relatively powerful, yet inexpensive application that is designed for the expansive QuickBooks market. SourceLink is directly integrated with QuickBooks (QB) to give you the tools you need to control your finances better. The system provides you with a practical document management system that allows you to scan and attach documents (invoices, checks, receipts, etc.) directly to QB transactions. No more scurrying to the file cabinet every time you need to reference a document, only to have to go through the tedious task of creating a cover sheet and faxing it to the requestor. With SourceLink you simply scan and attach the electronic document image to the related transaction.

Be part of Today
View it, print it, or e-mail it. Electronic document management is the next “killer app” for business and it is available today.

An Organized & Paperless Office is Great !

Working together
NYAB will size up the situation and help take all the necessary measures, and then you can make clear-headed decisions and achieve maximum results.

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