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Peace of Mind Financial Statements. 

    A higher level of service that notyouraveragecontroller offers  to clients is cash flow management and projections.   We call them, Peace of Mind Financial Statements. 

     Once NOTYAB’s bookkeeping is complete, we can provide you, the business owner with an accurate "historical" picture of your finances with a Balance sheet and P & L, and then we need to prepare a 3 month projection in Excel.  You can't use QuickBooks for this service, because it is the missing link in financial management.

     You CANNOT manage a business using historical data alone.  In order to make informed business decisions, you must know what your cash balance is today and what you expect it to be after each of the next 3 months.   This gives you, the business owner the power to make decisions on important matters such as:  Do we expand our product offering?  Hire a new employee?  Rent a larger space?  Increase marketing, etc?

    All these decisions affect cash and if your cash flow projections show that you will be in the red 1, 2 or 3 months from now, then you need to do something about it NOW, either don't make that investment or inject cash from a bank or other type of funding.

     Many entrepreneurs don't take the time to plan this way and then end up out of business due to running out of cash.  Unfortunately, NOTYAB has seen that happen too many times.

    If a business is healthy, you can bring your financial statements as well as the cash flow projections to a bank. The addition of the cash flow projections statement greatly increases your ability to obtain financing, now you are talking the banker’s language and they know how you are going to pay them back.   With conservative but realistic projections, the banker will feel their client did the homework and they will make the loan.  

    It’s also a great management tool, boards will love them.  We can do an annual - 12 month projection at the beginning of the year by corresponding the business plan for the year to the cash flow projections. 

    NOTYAC updates them every month to use as a benchmark guide.  This makes the difference between managing by the seat of your pants and not reaching your success goals.  

    We also can hold monthly mastermind groups and round table sessions to coach business owners and keep you on track with your goals.  NOTYAC will teach your team a 4 week course on business plans, cash flow projections, relationship with money, goal setting and tracking success.  

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